When precision matters


and you need excellent products on time.


Qure Medical products save lives, make patients healthy and keep people safe

Qure Medical provides high quality, value-added, integrated elastomeric solutions to top medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers while meeting the stringent standards of their respective industries. These leading companies rely on Qure’s unmatched suite of development and production capabilities for the components and assemblies that help them make precision products.

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Providing precision medical device components that perform.

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Offering Class 7 and 8 Cleanroom manufacturing and assembly of custom components.

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Consumer Wellness

Producing products that not only last, but are also safe for every day personal contact.

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Specializing in custom material formulations to meet high temperature requirements.

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By staying on the cutting edge of modern product design and manufacturing technologies, Qure is able to engineer solutions that bring unmatched value and quality, satisfying a wide range of client needs.


  • Liquid Injection Molding

    Liquid Injection Molding

    Qure’s state-of-the-art liquid injection molding (LIM) machines are automated to run faster than other processes and reduce labor costs on custom parts.

  • HCR Transfer Molding

    HCR Transfer Molding

    Qure specializes in transfer molding using high consistency rubber to produce micro to mid-sized components.

  • Rubber Overmolding

    Rubber Overmolding

    Qure’s commitment to engineering, technical expertise and product development extends to rubber overmolding projects and it is what sets us apart from the competition.

  • Silicone Extrusion

    Silicone Extrusion

    Qure has the capability to extrude ID/OD tubing and complex geometries in a wide range of silicone materials.

  • Assembly, Secondary Operations and Packaging

    Assembly, Secondary Operations and Packaging

    Qure’s in-house automation design/build capabilities can reduce your labor costs for assembly and secondary operations. Manual options are also available.

Engineering, Development & Quality

Delivering the highest quality products starts long before the manufacturing stage. To keep abreast of new developments, trends and the changing needs of our customers, Qure Medical makes major investments every year in material formulation, design assistance, mold development and automation tools and technologies.

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