Quadra Tooling and Automation

Quadra Tooling and Automation

Complete in-house Tooling Design Assistance capabilities

  • Wasteless/Flashless Transfer
  • HCR Injection - Hot & Cold Runner
  • LIM Injection - Hot & Cold Runner
  • Cut-in-plate Transfer

Complete in-house design & build Automation capabilities

  • Special Packaging
  • Vision Inspection
  • Slitting Capabilities
  • Component Assembly
  • Specialized Coating Application 
  • Washing
  • Fully Automated Molding
  • Automated Part Removal
  • Automated Feeding Systems 
  • Pressure Decay Testing

Quadra Tooling & Automation can provide its customers with expert engineering assistance to help them design rubber components. Optimal product design is attained when four goals are met.

The product can be manufactured without quality problems.

The product assembles efficiently.

The product exceeds end-use performance requirements.

The product meets market pricing objectives.


We meet these goals by using our extensive product knowledge, materials expertise, computational modeling, prototyping, and testing.